‘’Guarantee your project complies with your requirements ’’

When you decide to do a refitting you need experienced professionals you can rely on. We work with recognized shipyards on the refitting market, however in any case, you will need an external overview of your project to manage the whole progress and report you in case a deviation.



Our large experience on construction and commercial matters gives us the know how to achieve a preliminary budget which will comply with the final financial situation.



Shipyards, subcontractors, insurances will produce contracts before a refitting. Gallant Yachts will give the professional review of those contracts so you can joy on your wishes.



In order to finish the refitting construction project on time, a task planning is needed. Gallant Yachts will produce the planning of your project using our expertise on construction management and the available resources. Then we will monitor the progress of the project in order to correct in advance any deviation on the planning.



A purchases planning is as important as a construction task planning in order to have each equipment or part on time in the shipyard to be installed. Gallant Yachts will produce a purchases planning so the purchases execution is made on time, regarding delivery freights, customs terms and cash flow prediction. A purchases planning will optimize times and will gain a financial leverage to the project.


Regarding the finest shipyard you choose for your refitting project, an external experienced supervision of the construction progress is needed in order to achieve the best quality standards. Gallant Yachts will supervise the construction and participate on the construction decisions informing the progress to the owner.



Shipyards and engineering companies calculate their costs according to estimated hours needed for the project. Gallant Yachts is your experienced party to monitor the hours designated in the budget and finally used on your project.



Purchases execution, subcontractors and shipyards facilities requires a cash flow during the project. Gallant Yachts will wisely manage the cash flow of your refitting project to get a financial leverage and avoid any delay or deviation.



Large projects require a huge amount of engineering hours to be subcontracted. In those cases we propose the engineering companies we trust as a third party. Gallant Yachts will monitor the progress, standards and delivery dates of the required engineering.



Gallant Yachts will control your project’s construction progress quality in order to comply with the good construction standards and owner’s requirements.



Every modification on your yacht must comply with the regulations in terms of engineering and construction standards. Gallant Yachts will manage the information and inspections to comply with the regulations avoiding any delays.



All the listed services above can be supplied directly or as the owner’s representative, acting as a third party mediating between the shipyard and the owner. In this case Gallant Yachts will monitor the progress and management from the shipyard, and notify any possible deviation.